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Nome: Educational Freedom in Urban America
Autor: Diversos
Situação: Disponível
Categoria: Ciências Sociais/Social Sciences
Editora: Cato Institute
Classificação: 37
Cutter: E24
ISBN: 1-930865-56-2
Idioma: Inglês
In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court declared segregated public schools unconstitutional. The ruling in Brown v. Board of Education set public education on a course toward equality. Yet, five decades later, schools are not equal. Minority children living in America’s inner cities suffer disproportionately from a failing education system, with black and Hispanic students dropping out of public high schools at much higher rates than whites. There is, however, reason for hope. The expansion of school choice offers new opportunities for children struggling in failing schools. In this collection, a dozen leading scholars, educators, and reformers—including Andrew Coulson, Floyd Flake, Frederick Hess, and Paul E. Peterson—examine the legacy of Brown v. Board and its relation to the modern-day school choice movement. A school administrator and a charter school founder also reveal the challenges and obstacles faced by enterprising teachers in trying to help their students. Together these experts expose the modern barriers that deprive inner-city children of a good education and call for increased school choice as the most effective way to achieve the goals of Brown v. Board.
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