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Nome: Forfeiting Our Property Rights: Is Your Property Safe from Seizure?
Autor: Henry Hyde
Situação: Disponível
Categoria: Direito/Law
Editora: Cato Institute
Classificação: 347.2
Cutter: H994f
ISBN: 1-882577-18-3
Idioma: Inglês
Most people don´t know it, but the government can take people´s homes, cars, and money without charging them with a crime - and the burden of recovery is on the owners! In "Forfeiting Our Property Rights", Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois examines the abuse inherent in civil forfeiture, the law that lets government take property that is merely suspected of having been used in a crime. Congressman Hyde proposes an overhaul of the law to protect innocent property owners, including a shift in burden of proof from the citizen to the government and a raising of the standard the government must satisfy to seize property in the first place. This alarm on behalf of our threatened civil liberties and property rights couldn´t be more timely.
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