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Nome: Copy Fights: The Future of Intellectual Property in the Information Age
Autor: Diversos
Situação: Disponível
Categoria: Direito/Law
Editora: Cato Institute
Classificação: 346.73
Cutter: T435c
ISBN: 1-930865-24-4
Idioma: Inglês
The Internet has often been labeled a disruptive technology, and nowhere has that been more clearly the case than in the field of intellectual property (IP) law. Although debates over IP policy have raged in academic circles and law and economics journals for decades, with the rise of the Internet, IP issues have captured the public´s collective attention like never before. This debate has sparked a newfound interest in timeless questions about the nature of intellectual property and how it should be protected, including: Why do we protect intellectual property at all? Do we really have "property rights" in our intangible creations the same way we have property rights to our homes and our land? Aren´t there better ways to encourage artistic creation and scientific discovery than through the use of copyright and patent laws that protect a limited monopoly? "Copy Fights: The Future of Intellectual Property in the Information Age" presents a thought-provoking exploration of these questions.
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