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Nome: Economic Sophisms
Autor: Frederic Bastiat
Situação: Disponível
Categoria: Economia e Teoria Econômica/Economics
Editora: New York, The Foundation for Economic Education
Classificação: 162.5
Cutter: B326e
Idioma: Inglês
First published in 1845, Economic Sophisms contains a series of essays written by Frederic Bastiat, who aimed at warning his contemporaries, and especially the shapers of the French Republic, about economic fallacies that paved the way for the few to rule over the many. Contrary to government intervention in the economy and protectionism, Bastiat defended that assumptions such as "imports must be restricted to restore the balance of trade" and "protective tariffs keep domestic wages high" were nothing but delusive sophisms that induced the population to give up on its wealth and freedom of choice. Using an insightful, sarcastic and wit language to prove the importance of looking at economic questions from the point of view of the consumer, rather than that of the producer, Bastiat debunks common sense in this classic of economic literature.
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