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Nome: China’s Future: Constructive Partner or Emerging Threat?
Autor: Ted Galen Carpenter and James A. Dorn
Situação: Disponível
Categoria: Economia e Teoria Econômica/Economics
Editora: Cato Institute
Classificação: 327
Cutter: C539
ISBN: 1-882577-87-6
Idioma: Inglês
Is China a rising colossus that intends to bully its neighbors and dominate Asia? Should Washington adopt a more hard-line policy toward the PRC on trade, human rights, and national security issues? Or is China a country that has already moved far along the road to a market economy and a more open society and is committed to being a stabilizing, cooperative power? The distinguished contributors to this book examine those questions and their implications for U.S. policy. They also consider both the short- and the long-run prospects for the evolution of a peaceful and prosperous "new China," given the background of 50 years of communist rule. The likely accession of China to the World Trade Organization adds another crucial dimension to that country´s relations with the United States and other countries.
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