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Nome: No Man’s Land: The Warrior Women of Atlantis
Autor: Neil Lee Thompsett
Situação: Disponível
Categoria: Literatura/Literature
Editora: Noggin Fiction
Classificação: 82-31
Cutter: T467n
ISBN: 1-892412-38-1
Idioma: Inglês
There was more than one Atlantis. There was one in the North, in which warrior women, ten times stronger than men, ruled. It was a harsh culture based on brute strength where men could never be more than slaves. There was another Atlantis in the south, where men had created a technical society, built on the energy extracted from pure mineral crystals. They conquered the entire world and built the pyramids, looking for gems to keep their civilization going. 15,000 years ago, when mammoth and sabre-tooth cats roamed the earth, and most humans lived in caves or mud huts, these two great civilizations came into contact with a world-shaking bang that is still felt today. Celebrated teenage author Neil Lee Thompsett has a serious learning disability which rewards him with super-human powers of insight, observation and drama. He puts all of these special powers to use here, to create the most original and most exciting version of legendary Atlantis that the world has ever seen. Well, at least for the last 15,000 years, anyway.
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