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Nome: A Theory of Corruption
Autor: Osvaldo Schenone and Samuel Gregg
Situação: Disponível
Categoria: Ciências Políticas/Political Sciences
Editora: Acton Institute
Classificação: 324
Cutter: S324f
ISBN: 1531-4057
Idioma: Inglês
There is no greater scourge that affects the proper functioning of any economic system than corruption. Tragically, corruption is pervasive in developing nations. It is found often on the part of public officials who delay the issuance or processing of public documents unless a monetary inducement is offered. It is found in the typical mismanagement and appropriation of national budgets toward the personal gain of political leaders. And it is found in ordinary individual transactions in the form of fraud, price gouging, and organized crime. The effects of corruption also have legal ramifications, often undermining the rule of law. But fundamentally, corruption falls squarely in the moral realm because it is symptomatic of the original sin that marks the heart of every person. This monograph offers a theological and economic examination that puts into question many of the uncritically accepted assumptions held about corruption.
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