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Either we wage a dispute of ideas in the contemporary society that favours the progress of Freedom now and in future generations, or the reverse. Instituto Liberdade has a commitment to divulge knowledge and is offering to academics, civil society and specially the young students, the best that the Western Classic Liberalism civilization created in literature, economics, politics, history and philosophy. The state of Rio Grande do Sul has a strong authoritarian heritage. Hence, the state still keeps traces of a culture that disbelieve the initiative and independence of individuals and of civil society, and favours the patronizing action of the State. Based upon this culture, myths are created that harm the development of the State. The project “Open Library” has a simple and direct focus:  to offer a collection of the most significant books published in Brazil (from the Libertarian perspective) to the public, university and community libraries in the state. 


To distribute a collection of 145 works in history, economics, politics and philosophy, among the main published titles in Brazil, representing, latu sensu, the contemporary Libertarian thinking, to 80 public and community libraries, in major cities of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Media Returns for the Sponsor:

1. Signature Seals – All the 11.600 acquired books and donated to the libraries, will receive a seal (according to the donor’s specification) with 5 cm  x 3,5 cm size, and layout defined between the participants of the project.

2. Signature, in prominence position, in all expositors modules delivered to the participant libraries of the project (see expositor image).

Introduction to the Rouanet Act:

The Federal Act to Incentive Culture 8313/91, known as Rouanet Act, created the National Program to Support Culture - PRONAC, and one of its objectives is to bolster cultural and artistic activities. Since sponsorship is one of the tools utilized by individuals and companies for tax deductions, many investments have been made for culture projects approved by the Cultural Ministry. It is important to observe that by using this kind of incentive, the donors are not involved in any bureaucratic procedure because the government is the sole responsible in formatting, executing and rendering expenses. More information at the government’s website:  www.cultura.gov.br

How to make a Contribution:

The contributions to the Open Library are deductible from the income tax, 6% for individuals and 4% to companies (see local legislation). To donate, make a deposit at the account # 200154-4, Banco Safra (422), Branch 14.200 or 0142 (internet), identifying with the tag MinC - Pronac 032990

Libraries Contemplated:


01 Alegrete 84.680 Bib. Púb. Mun. no Arquivo Histórico de Alegrete
02 Alvorada 188.553 Bib. Púb. Mun. Luís Fernando Verissimo
03 Bagé 115.650 Biblioteca Pública Municipal Dr. Otávio Santos
04 Bento Gonçalves 90.564 Bib. Púb. Mun. Castro Alves
05 Cachoeira do Sul 87.834 Bib. Púb. Mun. Dr. João Minssen
06 Cachoeirinha 109.526 Bib. Púb. Mun. Monteiro Lobato
07 Camaquã 60.887 Bib. Púb. Mun. Oswaldo Lessa da Rosa
08 Campo Bom 54.643 Bib. Púb. Mun. Dr. Liberato
09 Canoas 309.788 Bib. Púb. Mun. João Palma da Silva
10 Carazinho 58.161 Bib. Púb. Mun. Dr. Guilherme Schultz Filho
11 Caxias do Sul 367.185 Bib. Púb. Mun. Dr. Demétrio Niederauer
12 Cruz Alta 67.522 Bib. Púb. Mun. Josino dos Santos Lima
13 Erechim 89.215 Bib. Púb. Mun. Dr. Gladstone Osório Mársico
14 Esteio 80.930 Bib. Púb. Mun. Rui Barbosa
15 Farroupilha 56.206 Bib. Pub. Mun.Olavo Bilac
16 Gravataí 238.035 Bib. Púb. Mun. Monteiro Lobato
17 Guaíba 95.823 Bib. Púb. Mun. Darcy Azambuja
18 Ijuí 76.128 Bib. Comunitária SESC/Prefeitura Municipal
19 Itaqui 40.047 Bib. Púb. Mun. Dr. Ludgero Manenco Pinto
20 Lajeado 60.857 Bib. Púb. Mun. João Frederico Schaan
21 Novo Hamburgo 238.774 Bib. Púb. Mun. Machado de Assis
22 Parobé 46.132 Biblioteca Pública Municipal
23 Passo Fundo 171.013 Bib. Púb. Mun. Arno Viuniski
24 Pelotas 323.834 Bib. Púb. Mun. Pelotense
25 Porto Alegre 1.371.082 Biblioteca Pública do Estado - BPE
26 Porto Alegre   Bib. Púb. Mun. Érico Veríssimo
27 Porto Alegre   Bib. Pub. Municipal Lígia B. Meurer
28 Porto Alegre   Bib. Púb. Mun. Josué Guimarães
29 Rio Grande 187.834 Bib. Púb. Mun.
30 Rosário do Sul 41.048 Bib. Púb. Mun. Dr. Verneldo Horbe
31 Santa Cruz do Sul 109.117 Bib. Púb. Mun. Prof.ª Elisa Gil Borowski
32 Santa Maria 246.681 Bib. Púb. Mun. Henrique Bastide
33 Santa Rosa 65.520 Bib. Pub. Mun. Olavo Bilac
34 Santo Ângelo 77.015 Bib. Púb. Mun. Policarpo Gay
35 São Borja 65.115 Bib. Museu e Arquivo Histórico Municipal
36 São Gabriel 60.227 Bib. Púb. Mun. Profª. Ambrosina Spencer
37 São Leopoldo 196.267 Biblioteca Pública Municipal
38 São Lourenço do Sul 43.880 Bib. Púb. Mun. Mal. Humberto de A. Castelo Branco
39 Sapiranga 70.581 Bib. Púb. Mun. Prefeito Edwin Kuwer
40 Sapucaia do Sul 124.627 Bib. Púb. Mun. Euclides da Cunha
41 Taquara 53.779 Biblioteca Pública Municipal
42 Uruguaiana 128.151 Centro Cultural Dr. Pedro Marini
43 Vacaria 57.896 Bib. Púb. Mun. Theobaldo Paim Borges
44 Venâncio Aires 62.051 Biblioteca Pública Municipal
45 Viamão 232.457 Bib. Pub. Mun. de Viamão
Social-Cultural Institutions:

05 modules for Industry Social Service – SESI/RS
05 modules for Commerce Social Service – SESC/RS
10 modules for State University of Rio Grande do Sul Universities and Faculties:

01 - Unilasalle - Universidade La Salle (Canoas-RS)
02 - Faccat - Faculdades de Taquara
03 - Fapa - Faculdade Porto-Alegrense de Educação, Ciências e Letras
04 - Feevale - Federação de Estabelecimentos de Ensino de Novo Hamburgo
05 - Furg - Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
06 - Ucpel - Universidade Católica de Pelotas
07 - UCS - Universidade de Caxias do Sul
08 - UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
09 - Unicruz - Universidade de Cruz Alta
10 - Unijui - Universidade Regional do Noroeste do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
11 - Unisc - Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul
12 - Univates - Fundação Alto Taquari de Ensino Superior (Lajeado-RS)
13 - UPF - Universidade de Passo Fundo
14 - Urcamp - Universidade da Região da Campanha
15 - URI - Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e Missões


80 modules distributed among 80 libraries.

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