Tuesday - 17 July 2018

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In order for Instituto Liberdade (IL-RS) to reach its objectives, it needs your support, people like you. It needs your strenght and your vision. 

The intellectual entrepreneurs are extremely important in order to show that Classic Liberalism is the shortest and the most viable way to implement the needed changes in the country.

For you to prepare a good future to your child, a nation in which he/she is not ashamed of or afraid of. Is it your legacy a third world country? Are you just standing with arms crossed and praying that the storm does not catch you? Or are you acting now and supporting  the idea of a responsible government, with just the adequate size according to the people’ needs, a government with no privileges, to serve you without interfering your individual freedom. This is your choice. It is up to you.


INSTITUTO LIBERDADE has five membership categories:

Fellow Member
Associate Member
To become a member of Instituto Liberdade, fill out the enrollment form and send it online or through our email: il-rs@il-rs.org.br. We will get in touch with you.
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