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Title: Announcing the First Atlas Leadership Academy Graduate
Author: Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Date: 24/05/2012
Zoltan Kesz is passionate about educating Hungarians about classical liberal ideas. In 2011, he founded the Free Market Foundation and, among other projects, translated Bastiat's The Law and What is Seen and What is Not Seen into Hungarian and promoted those works throughout the country. Zoltan earned his graduation credits by first attending one of Atlas's regional trainings with valued partner Lithuanian Free Market Institute. His work there earned him a spot attending the 2011 Think Tank Leadership Training in New York City where he demonstrated the commitment and leadership to qualify for Think Tank MBA in 2012. His final credit was earned just this week participating in one of Atlas's monthly Webinar trainings. At the conclusion of his participation in Think Tank MBA, Zoltan said "I am now going home to change the world. This is actually how I feel I am very fired up to do the right thing and bring change to my country." As a result of his graduation, Zoltan will enjoy increased opportunities with Atlas including invitations to Atlas Club Briefings (special sessions reserved for Atlas's most generous supporters) and additional mentorship opportunities.

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