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The Instituto Liberdade do Rio Grande do Sul (IL-RS) is an independent Brazilian, private and non-profit organization think tank, headquartered at Tecnopuc (Science and Technology Park from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul), in Porto Alegre city, Southearn region of Brazil; it is non-partisan, not subordinated to any national or international organization, and it is supported by private contributions of individuals and institutions.


Instituto Liberdade had its roots from Instituto Liberal do Rio Grande do Sul, created in 1986 and developed independent and autonomous activities from the Brazilian Liberal Network,providing advice and ideas on any aspect of future planning and strategy on public policies.

On May 11th, 2004, its new designation as Instituto Liberdade asserted its leadership position in the country with the broadening of its Statement of Principles, according to its mission and objectives described below. 


Instituto Liberdade´s major purpose is to foster the research,creation and dissemination of educational and cultural assets displaying the advantages to all individuals of an organized society, based on the principles of individual rights, of limited and representative government, of respect to private property rights, contracts and to the free initiative. It supports multi-disciplinary theorists and intellectual entrepreneurs who endeavor to produce analyses or policy recommendations. It supports the rule of the law, the government decentralization, the free market economy, the cultural freedom according to the principles of the Austrian School of Economics.

Instituto Liberdade supports the rule of the law, the government decentralization, the free market economy, the cultural freedom and the principles of the libertarian individualist ethic.

It develops continuous, long-term actions in the field of ideas; it carries out studies and research, divulging the results; it edits books and publications; it organizes courses, workshops, colloquia, debates, seminars and conferences, divulging conservative/libertarian ideas among opinion leaders in the midst of entrepreneurs, magistrates, scholars, politicians, and artists.

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Av. Ipiranga 6681 – Prédio 96B, Conj. 107 - Tecnopuc - CEP 90619-900 - Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil
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